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review: pinterest noms

March 13, 2012

Everyone and their mother is on Pinterest (including mine!), and we’ve certainly been busy hoarding recipes, DIY ideas, and other pretty pictures. Jane from Ill Seen, Ill Said wrote an interesting blog post about her objections to Pinterest, one point of which inspired me today:

We collect for the sake of collecting. And I believe that inspiration that doesn’t actually inspire action can only make you feel bad; a gap opens up between all the things that inspire you and your own life. I’m very much against women feeling shitty and inadequate because of over-styled images. Collecting inspiration that’s never followed through on just seems like a negative cycle to me.

I certainly agree with that. That’s why I’ve decided to do some follow-through and actually do some of the things I’ve pinned, whether it’s food, fashion, or home projects. I understand that other people actually do this stuff (we’re not all image hoarders), but I wanted to make a concerted effort to actually do at least one idea from Pinterest in a week. That’s doable, right?

So today I’m going to do a retrospective review of some recipes I made from Pinterest. You can check out my recipe board if you are curious what I’ve been gathering. I will also credit the original authors when possible.

Pan-Seared Lemon Sole, recipe originally from Real Simple

We had bought some Lemon Sole from the grocery store and since I had never made that particular fish before, I went to Pinterest to find a good recipe. This one drew me in because of the nice picture (isn’t that why we pin anything?) and the simple ingredients. It’s from Real Simple (click to see it).

Recipe grade: B-

To be fair, I didn’t have real lemons (I just squeezed some lemon juice in the pan) and I was worried about the fish sticking to the pan so I didn’t use the highest heat. The recipe was simple and the ingredients let the fish be the star. I love capers so that was a good addition, but in the end I didn’t think the flavor or texture really stood out. It was certainly passable, and my one year old ate it. Easy to remember but nothing screamed “wow” to me. Maybe I’ll try it again with the real lemons.

Baked Zucchini Sticks, recipe originally from Skinny Taste

I love, love, love zucchini but my husband is pretty indifferent to this vegetable. He only likes it when it’s crispy, so I thought these Baked Zucchini Sticks would satisfy us both.

Recipe grade: B

The outsides were pretty crispy and the insides were soft, which is really what you’re looking for. However, this recipe would be so much better if I had used Panko. Panko is the secret to everything! It tasted pretty good though, although it didn’t seem all that seasoned.

Pulled chicken, recipe originally from Stephanie Cooks

My father- and mother-in-law are coming into town next Sunday to see my son (they can’t be there for his 1st birthday party), so I planned on making something for lunch. They are pretty open to any food. Since the weather has been so lovely and warm lately, I daydreamed of a Southern-style picnic (sometimes I wonder if I am a reincarnated Southern belle based on my food preferences, but that’s a story for another time). Pulled chicken made in the crock pot sounded like just the ticket.

Recipe grade: A

Ingredients were not anything crazy, which is nice, and it smelled good all day while it cooked. I debated between using smoked or sweet paprika, but smoked won out. I thought it came out very flavorful but not as spicy as I had hoped. I used 3 chilies and I think I could have added the whole can I bought, to be honest, but I like my food a lot spicier than my husband so it was probably wise to stick with 3. It is rather soupy right out of the gate, but the leftovers seemed to absorb the extra liquid. I froze the leftovers so I’ll have it all made for the big visit.

Fool-proof coleslaw, recipe originally from Save-ory Kitchen

If you’re going to have a Southern-inspired lunch, you have to have coleslaw. Again, a recipe chosen for its nice photo and simple ingredients. See it on Save-ory Kitchen.

Recipe grade: A

Simple and balanced. Modifications: I used broccoli slaw and only made half the dressing since I ran out of Miracle Whip. I used the slaw to top our pulled chicken sandwiches, and it made a nice creamy foil to the vinegary, slightly spicy barbeque sauce. It’s a good recipe to have in a pinch.

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