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on obsession

February 21, 2012

I really wish I could get paid to indulge my obsessions. I have so many, and they are potentially profitable, but I am too far along in my career at this point to drop it and take up a risky new venture. Is that settling or just me being realistic?

Redecorating my house, knitting, graphic design, baking, writing. They could actually all come together very well if I put more of an effort into it. If I were a good blogger something could come of it, right?

My situation leaves little room to really explore this option. I mean, maybe I’m too lazy and I could do something. But I work full-time, I have a crazy one year old, I sing in a band that plays at least once a month, I have family in other cities, I have to travel for work. Excuses or overextending?

Right now we’re redoing our downstairs bathroom. To be honest, B did most of the work. He ripped up the floor, sanded and stained, put up drywall, put up new lights. I did get to paint (black and white–I keep saying it’s “classy like a tuxedo” but no one thinks it’s as clever as I do) and I picked out all of the fixtures. Right now I’m focusing on choosing artwork to make it a bit more interesting.

This print is pretty awesome, although I think it would be better for a kitchen–hot dogs in bathrooms kind of implies a Freudian twist that I’m not comfortable having my guests explore.

From Etsy:
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