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requiem for a seam

January 27, 2011

I'm currently knitting this cardigan--Aidez by Cirilia Rose.

Bad title, sorry.

As the birth of my first baby approaches, I’m finding that I’m thinking about things I will have to give up–at least temporarily. Obviously the biggest sacrifice will be sleep, and as a die-hard sleep lover, this is going to be the hardest challenge. It will be even harder than not being able to drink, the reality of which has really impacted my social life. Considering my social life for the past decade (and longer, if being truthful–I’m 31 now) has centered around playing music in bars, not being able to drink or even stay up past 10pm has limited my interactions with friends and music scene acquaintances.

Other things I realize I may have to shelve for the next decade, or at least I will have to cut back on, are my crafting endeavors. I am an enthusiastic and obsessed knitter, and the time it takes to make something like a sweater will take me 10 times as long with a demanding baby. In some ways slowing down with knitting will be inevitable anyway, as I don’t knit much in the summer, and the birth is in March.

I am also an enthusiastic and obsessed seamstress and that generally has occupied my summer days. It has been my secret dream to craft a respectable, cute, and fashionable wardrobe with my own two hands. I feel last summer I worked very hard on sewing and made a lot of breakthroughs. In a nutshell, sewing is not hard BUT it is an exercise in patience and attention to detail. Most of what I made last summer didn’t fit and that was because I didn’t measure myself or the garments scrupulously; despite the pile of unwearable clothes I have stashed away that seems to point to the contrary, what I learned will be invaluable when I am able to finally start up again.

I am trying to remain optimistic that maybe my baby will like sleep as much as I do, he will find the whir of the sewing machine comforting, and will enjoy some solitary pursuits as much I have throughout my life. I am undoubtedly excited about my baby and spending most of my time with him, but I also recognize the need for me to have my own thing, my own time, and be my own person–even if that is only for an hour a day.

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