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great expectations

January 3, 2011

I really hate New Year’s (I have a long history of bad NYE parties), but I do like making lists and goals.  Here are my 2011 resolutions.  They’re mostly realistic.

Kingston Rossdale. He's so cute. Is it weird to use him as inspiration for dressing my baby?

1.  Have my baby.  Duh.  This is going to happen whether I want it to or not!

boots boots boots

2.  Lose weight.  Nursing will help me along, but my big goal is to fit into Madewell’s clothes (see earlier post).

I'm going to be so minimalist, I'd get rid of this pin, too.

3.  Simplify, simplify, simplify.  I am kind of a messy person and I’ve been working to fix that, but the biggest thing I see is that I have too much stuff.  I really want to pare down my possessions to the absolute minimum.  I know I don’t use as much stuff as I have, so why do I have it?  Hopefully I can make some scrilla from selling it, or at least donate it to thrift stores.

I don't have anything interesting to say about this image. Oink!

4.  Pay off debt/save.  We are not in dire straits money-wise but our savings are shameful.  With our son on the way, I really feel the need to have an emergency fund, start his college fund, and have more in the bank for home improvements.

ebony & orangey

5.  Keep friends.  This is kind of weird, but I am a pretty big introvert and I know having the baby is going to make me more house-bound.  I’d like to continue to cultivate my friendships though, and I’m going to work hard to attend what I can and make more of an effort to entertain in my own home.

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