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Totally Lamé

October 23, 2014

I just found out that there is lamé bias tape for sale. WAT

New plan: make the Colette Dahlia in black with lamé bias binding, like their sample.

Going to channel Studio 54. Jerry Hall. Bianca Jagger. I can’t find any pictures of anything like what I’m thinking, but just go with it.




review: pinterest snack and craft

April 6, 2012

My son’s first birthday was last week and I tried valiantly to craft the heck out of it, but really I think those Pins you see of perfectly styled parties were put together by people who have way more time than I have. I don’t mean to hate on SAH moms or anything, but after working all week, having band practices and errands, there left little time to stencil, glue, or bake.

You have way too much time on your hands, or a fleet of minions.

The only true craft I made was printing out my son’s face and taping it to straws. I thought the end result was pretty cute, but barely anyone at my party used them. Too precious to use? I also used a so-bad-it’s-good photo of him, because it’s funny.

He is free to hate me in 14 years.

As for a Pinterest recipe, I tried out these No-Bake Energy Bites. The recipe is beyond simple and you can make a ton of different variations.

nom nom nom

I used oats, honey, almond butter, homemade vanilla, wheat germ, and Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips (they were on sale!).

These are pretty rad. I think if I make them in the future I’ll use peanut butter (my favorite–I used almond butter this time because I don’t like it as much and wanted to use it up) and brown rice syrup (I love honey but in combination with other stuff I think honey can overpower other flavors). I haven’t frozen them yet but I think they’re going to blow my mind. I highly recommend for a yummy snack!

On the subject of food, the past week or so I’ve been semi-vegan. I say semi because I’ve had some fish and chicken here and there, but only for a few meals. That’s one of the frustrating things about food choices, veganism seems like an all-or-nothing thing, but for my motivation I’ve declared myself mostly vegan and if I eat some animal products here and there (like honey), I’m not going to agonize about it.

My diet switch is not about animal rights, although I do care for animals and I’m glad this helps on that front, but more about my health. My work had a health fair a few weeks ago and my weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure were all very high. With a family history of cancer, heart disease, and various other medical issues, I know I have to work on my body and mind. From past dietary changes I know cutting out dairy makes me feel better. I am lactose intolerant but I ate dairy anyway because hot damn, cheese is good. But I know not eating it makes me feel lighter and my stomach issues clear up. Although it’s only been a week, I feel more clear-headed and I have more energy.

I’ve also downloaded the myfitnesspal app for my Kindle, and for a secret bean-counter like myself I’ve been enjoying counting calories. Looking at a list of what you’re actually eating helps you focus on cutting out the crap from your diet.

I’ve made a dedication to myself to be semi-vegan for a month, and I’m sure if I see results with weight loss and general health I’ll stick with it.

review: pinterest noms

March 13, 2012

Everyone and their mother is on Pinterest (including mine!), and we’ve certainly been busy hoarding recipes, DIY ideas, and other pretty pictures. Jane from Ill Seen, Ill Said wrote an interesting blog post about her objections to Pinterest, one point of which inspired me today:

We collect for the sake of collecting. And I believe that inspiration that doesn’t actually inspire action can only make you feel bad; a gap opens up between all the things that inspire you and your own life. I’m very much against women feeling shitty and inadequate because of over-styled images. Collecting inspiration that’s never followed through on just seems like a negative cycle to me.

I certainly agree with that. That’s why I’ve decided to do some follow-through and actually do some of the things I’ve pinned, whether it’s food, fashion, or home projects. I understand that other people actually do this stuff (we’re not all image hoarders), but I wanted to make a concerted effort to actually do at least one idea from Pinterest in a week. That’s doable, right?

So today I’m going to do a retrospective review of some recipes I made from Pinterest. You can check out my recipe board if you are curious what I’ve been gathering. I will also credit the original authors when possible.

Read more…

the take down

March 13, 2012

I just ran across this Tumblr via The Gloss this morning: Celebrity Close-Up. It’s a bit mean-spirited, to be sure, but I found it cathartic: we are bombarded on a daily basis by Photoshopped, idealized images of celebrities with nary a neck wrinkle or fly away hair, and to see them in all of their blackheaded, pock marked, faintly mustachioed glory is refreshing. I wonder if some of these images are reverse-Photoshopped though–did they really leave the house with that whitehead?–or maybe I just can’t handle the truth.

I chose this image of Tyra Banks because her freckles are so cute!

etsy favorites

March 12, 2012

One of my favorite ways to waste time is to look at cool stuff on etsy. Here are some of my recent picks.

Eve Sand

Roll and Tumble Press

Sycamore Street Press

Curious Prints (for sheer WTF-ery)

world enough and time

March 6, 2012

Keeping with my bitching about not having enough time, here are a few things I’d do if I had my druthers.

Isn’t this awesome? I even like the orange color, and I’m not a “color person.” I think this would be a fun dress, and it doesn’t look too complicated.

This Arrows cowl from Hilary Smith Calis is pretty rad. I’ve been really into yellow and gray lately (perhaps due to the influence of Pinterest and voracious blog reading). I don’t know, this is probably doable, except it’s getting warmer and I’m already working on two cardigans at the moment.

Image from Getty by way of The Guardian UK

Ok, this is weird, but I’ve been really thinking about making a solo record. I have a few ideas under my belt–two to three original songs, some covers I’d love to do, and a general conception of what I would want the record to sound like. Technically I could totally do it–my husband is (objectively) really good at recording and between us we could cover all the instruments we’d need to play. In my wildest fantasy I would write a bunch of songs and get my very talented friends to guest on it, as musicians and/or producers. I’d want my record to sound like a dream or ghostly, kind of like if you mixed up PJ Harvey’s White Chalk with Bat For Lashes’ Fur and Gold and submerge under water. Sorry, I tend to get a little pretentious when I try to talk about music.

on obsession

February 21, 2012

I really wish I could get paid to indulge my obsessions. I have so many, and they are potentially profitable, but I am too far along in my career at this point to drop it and take up a risky new venture. Is that settling or just me being realistic?

Redecorating my house, knitting, graphic design, baking, writing. They could actually all come together very well if I put more of an effort into it. If I were a good blogger something could come of it, right?

My situation leaves little room to really explore this option. I mean, maybe I’m too lazy and I could do something. But I work full-time, I have a crazy one year old, I sing in a band that plays at least once a month, I have family in other cities, I have to travel for work. Excuses or overextending?

Right now we’re redoing our downstairs bathroom. To be honest, B did most of the work. He ripped up the floor, sanded and stained, put up drywall, put up new lights. I did get to paint (black and white–I keep saying it’s “classy like a tuxedo” but no one thinks it’s as clever as I do) and I picked out all of the fixtures. Right now I’m focusing on choosing artwork to make it a bit more interesting.

This print is pretty awesome, although I think it would be better for a kitchen–hot dogs in bathrooms kind of implies a Freudian twist that I’m not comfortable having my guests explore.

From Etsy: